Assyrian Men’s Traditional Khomala Clothing


Assyrian Traditional Khomala Clothing 

Traditional folk garments, known as Assyrian Khomala, are used to express cultural values and beliefs, and traditional attire continues to be an important symbol of Assyrian cultural heritage. Our family has been making traditional khomala garments for many years; this has expanded its reach to accommodate the new generation and the use of technology, hence the introduction of e-commerce.

Khomala Clothing Includes:

Khomala Jacket (Kotna)
Pants (Shorwala)
Vest and Shirt (Lawendey)
Hat (kosetha)
Drawstring (Ticktha)
Fabric Belt (Shebaka)
Shoes (Sarkoley)

The entire garment is hand-made using old weaving machines, also known as Koba; the stitching designs were made from modern machines to design the imaging.




Please note that this is custom-made overseas; therefore, please choose carefully, as no refund will be provided after 48 hours of purchase, as the money will be sent to purchase the materials and make the custom clothing.
Also, please note that this is handcrafted, and patterns and colours may vary slightly from the picture provided.

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