Established in 2019 by Omta, Tlethayotha emerged from a transformative experience at the National Achievers Congress in 2019, presented by Success Resources Australia. During that event, I was exposed to a wealth of information that opened my eyes to the vast potential of e-commerce.

Prior to starting Tlethayotha, I had made the decision to leave my career behind to prioritize caring for my family and children. I didn't want to miss out on their crucial moments and wanted to be an integral part of their daily lives, cherishing every minute as they grow, knowing that their childhood years pass swiftly.

As I delved into researching potential products for the business, the unforeseen global pandemic of COVID-19 struck. Amid the challenges this pandemic brought, it provided me with more time to contemplate the future and further solidified my passion for e-commerce.

Becoming a first-time mother was a tremendous and transformative experience, yet it also brought with it moments of overwhelm and uncertainty. The journey into motherhood is a beautiful one, but it certainly isn't without its challenges.

Being a new mother, I found myself immersed in the unfamiliar territory of motherhood, wondering what to expect and what products were necessary for my baby's well-being. This uncertainty inspired me to create a range of baby products, aimed at easing the journey for fellow first-time mothers facing similar situations.

My upbringing in a culturally rich family instilled a deep appreciation for traditional Assyrian khomala clothing and accessories, representing the essence of my Assyrian culture and heritage.

With a burning passion for business development, the time was ripe for me to step into the role of a business owner. In this digital age, the process of establishing a business has never been easier, as modern approaches have transformed the retail industry into an accessible world of e-commerce, utilizing technology to revolutionize the way goods are purchased.