Assyrian Ya Allaha (Yahweh / Jehovah) Medium Size


Assyrian Ya Allaha Necklace

Elevate Your Faith with the Ya Allaha Pendant: A Reverent Symbol of Devotion

It introduces the meticulously crafted Ya Allaha Pendant, a true embodiment of faith and reverence. Measuring 4x4.5cm, this pendant features the elegant calligraphy of "Ya Allaha," translating to "O God" in Assyrian. Expertly fashioned from stainless steel, it is thoughtfully paired with a 50cm chain, available in silver and gold. Let the Ya Allaha Pendant inspire and guide your spiritual journey.

Key Features:

Elegant Design: The Ya Allaha Pendant embodies understated elegance, featuring the delicate calligraphy of "Ya Allaha," which translates to "O God" in Assyrian. The simple yet profound design allows you to carry your faith close to your heart with a touch of sophistication.

Available in Silver and Gold: Choose between the timeless silver or the luxurious gold colour options, allowing you to express your spirituality while complementing your style seamlessly.

Spiritual Significance: The Ya Allaha Pendant encapsulates the essence of devotion and supplication. Wearing it can serve as a means of connection to a higher power, offering solace, strength, and a sense of purpose.

Versatile Wear: With its adaptable chain length, the pendant can be styled to suit various necklines and occasions, making it a versatile accessory that seamlessly integrates into your daily life.


Pendant Material: Stainless Steel
Chain Material: Stainless Steel
Pendant Size: 4x4.5cm
Chain Length: 50cm
Colours: Silver and Gold

Embrace the profound spirituality of the Ya Allaha Pendant, a token that resonates with faith and devotion. Whichever colour you choose, let this pendant be a symbol of your unwavering connection to the divine. In its presence, find the strength, solace, and inspiration to navigate life's journey with a heart filled with devotion and purpose.


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