Men's Khomala Bag


Men's Khomala Bag

Introducing the Handcrafted Men's Khomala Bag: Elevate Your Style and Secure Your Essentials in Two Versatile Styles

Discover the perfect blend of style, functionality, and craftsmanship with our Handcrafted Men's Khomala Bag. Designed with the modern man in mind, these exceptional bags come in two distinct styles - the String Draw and Elastic Closure, providing choices that suit your preferences. With dimensions measuring 27cm by 30cm, they are spacious and conveniently designed to attach to the Khomala belt, ensuring that your mobile phone and other essentials stay securely by your side.

String Draw Style:

The String Draw style adds a touch of rugged sophistication to your look. It features a reliable wool drawstring closure that secures your belongings and exudes a timeless charm. Ideal for those who appreciate a blend of vintage aesthetics and practicality.

Elastic Closure Style:

Our Khomala Bag with Elastic Closure is the perfect choice for a more modern and versatile option. The elastic band offers quick access to your essentials while ensuring they stay snug and secure. This style is designed for those who value both convenience and contemporary fashion.

Attach to the Khomala Belt:
What sets our Men's Khomala Bag apart is the unique design that allows you to attach it to the Khomala belt. This innovative feature ensures that your mobile phone, wallet, keys, or other important items are within easy reach, offering security and convenience. Say goodbye to rummaging through your pockets - the Khomala Bag has you covered.



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