Assyrian Flag Necklace


Assyrian Flag Necklace

Celebrate Assyrian Heritage with the Assyrian Flag Pendant: A Symbol of Pride and Unity

Introducing the meticulously crafted Assyrian Flag Pendant, a heartfelt tribute to your Assyrian heritage. Measuring 4x4.5cm, this pendant proudly showcases the iconic Assyrian flag design. Exquisitely made from stainless steel, it comes with a 50cm chain in silver and gold. Let the Assyrian Flag Pendant symbolise pride and honour your rich cultural legacy.

Key Features:

Striking Design: The Assyrian Flag Pendant boldly displays the revered Assyrian flag design, capturing its colours and symbolism with exceptional clarity. Measuring 4x4.5cm ensures the details are intricately represented, allowing you to wear your heritage with pride.

Available in Silver and Gold: Choose between the classic silver or the regal gold colour options, offering you the chance to express your Assyrian identity with a touch of personal style.

Cultural Significance: The Assyrian Flag Pendant is a tangible representation of your cultural pride and heritage. Wearing it serves as an ode to your roots, honouring the legacy of the Assyrian people.

Thoughtful Proximity: Suspended from a 50cm chain, the pendant rests gracefully near your heart, constantly reminding you of your connection to your Assyrian roots and the unity of your community.

Versatile Wear: The adaptable chain length provides versatility in styling, making it suitable for various necklines and occasions.


Pendant Material: Stainless Steel
Chain Material: Stainless Steel
Pendant Size: 4x4.5cm
Chain Length: 50cm
Colours: Silver and Gold

Celebrate your Assyrian heritage with the Assyrian Flag Pendant, a powerful emblem that unites generations and speaks volumes about your cultural pride. Whether you choose silver for its timeless charm or gold for its opulent appeal, this pendant becomes a cherished symbol that resonates with your identity and history. Wear it with honor, and let it be a beacon of unity and strength within the Assyrian community.



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