Plain Assyrian Flag Earrings


Introducing our exquisite Assyrian Flag Earrings, these striking accessories beautifully showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Assyrian civilisation. With a bold diameter of 3.5 cm, these earrings make a resounding statement, allowing you to flaunt your pride in this ancient and vibrant culture in a contemporary and stylish manner.

Each earring features the iconic Assyrian flag emblem, meticulously engraved to capture every intricate detail and symbol. 

With their lightweight design and secure fastening, these earrings offer a captivating visual appeal and unparalleled comfort for extended wear. Whether you seek to showcase your cultural identity or simply appreciate Assyrian heritage's beauty, these earrings are a striking addition to any ensemble, perfect for casual and formal outings.

Embrace the spirit of the Assyrian legacy and make a bold statement with our Assyrian Flag Earrings, a perfect blend of sophistication and cultural reverence, ideal for both casual and formal occasions.

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